Future Heroes inspired to work in health or social care

Future Heroes inspired to work in health or social care

Over 400 young people aged 12 – 18 attended the first ever Hertfordshire Health and Social Care Careers Expo, 'Future Heroes', this week.

Doctors, nurses, dentists, midwives, physiotherapists, radiologists and social workers were just some of the professionals that were on hand to talk about their jobs and inspire young people to follow in their footsteps. 

Information on the education requirements for different roles and options for landing a career in health or a caring profession was supplemented by talks and hands on displays from a range of organisations in the health and social care sector. 

Ellie from Monk’s Walk School in Welwyn Garden City (pictured left) and Jona from St Francis’ College in Letchworth (pictured right) met experienced GPs and newly qualified doctors on the day. They are both interested in pursuing careers in medicine. They said:

"We talked to a GP and a newly qualified doctor and got advice on what subjects to study and the sort of work experience we will need to get a place on a medicine course.  It was a really interesting day."

Mrs Angela Manley, a teacher from Onslow St Audrey's school in Hatfield took a group of pupils to the Expo, including Emily, who was interested in occupational therapy and podiatry. 

Mrs Manley said: "It's so helpful to be able to find out about so many different professions under one roof.  It has helped our students to think beyond being a doctor or a nurse. They have really had their awareness raised about new opportunities and shortage areas where there are jobs available for people with the right skills."

Through interactive, inspirational activities and demonstrations, young people were guided to make the link between their studies and interests and a fulfilling and rewarding career. 

Louis, 18 from Bishop’s Hatfield Girls’ School, found the event really informative and said: “I want to do speech and language therapy so it was nice to speak to someone already doing the job. I got lots of advice and guidance about what to read to help me apply for the course.” 

Mrs Ahmad from Stanborough School in Welwyn Garden City said: "It has been phenomenal for our pupils - there's a really good mix of careers and different routes to employment and qualification. The variety of professions for young people is fantastic."

Sam Nicholson, aged 14, from Potters Bar and a student at Chancellor’s School in Hatfield said:  "I'm interested in lots of different health and care professions so today has been really useful. I've got a bag full of information brochures and leaflets to go through now!"

Ciara, aged 17, from Royston who attends John Henry Newman school in Stevenage, said: "I want to be a social worker and before coming here today I didn't know how many different routes into the profession there are. I'm interested in starting with an apprenticeship and getting trained as I work."

Sheilagh Reavey trained and worked as a nurse, midwife and health visitor before moving into a managerial career.  Now the Director of Nursing and Quality for East and North Hertfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group, Sheilagh said:  “This event has been really important to encourage young people to take up a career in health or social care. We currently have a shortage of health and social care professionals in Hertfordshire, so anyone, whatever your age, who is thinking of working in this rewarding field should go to www.healthcareers.nhs.uk or www.skillsforcare.org.uk where you can find out more about the huge range of opportunities available. For the latest NHS vacancies please visit www.jobs.nhs.uk.“

To find out about further ‘Future Heroes’ events in Hertfordshire please email engagement@enhertsccg.nhs.uk