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C-section mums warned about dangers of 'vaginal seeding'

What is the issue? A technique called vaginal seeding, sometimes used for babies born by caesarean section, "can give newborns deadly infections and sepsis," warns the Mail Online. Vaginal...
11 hours 31 min ago

Gum disease linked to increased risk of Alzheimer's disease

"Gum disease sufferers 70% more likely to get dementia," The Times reports. A Taiwanese study found that people with a 10-year or longer history of chronic periodontitis (CP) had a small...
1 day 11 hours ago

Vitamin C injections could play a role in treating blood cancers

"Super-strength vitamin C doses could be a way to fight leukaemia," the Mail Online reports. Research in mice found vitamin C could help combat the effect of a mutated gene that can cause...
2 days 12 hours ago

'Junk food' may increase cancer risk in 'healthy weight' women

"Women who eat junk food such as burgers or pizza are increasing their risk of cancer even if they're not overweight, new research has warned," reports the Daily Mail. The story is based on...
5 days 12 hours ago

People who regularly groom their pubic hair at risk of injuries

"A quarter of Americans are injured and hospitalized by tidying up 'down there'," the Mail Online reports. The headline is prompted by a survey which asked 7,570 adults about pubic hair...
6 days 11 hours ago