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'Fake ambulance' pulled over by Swansea police

The estate car was covered in paintwork and logos that made it look like an operational ambulance.
5 hours 51 min ago

Northern Ireland child post-mortem examinations to be done in England

From January 2019 post-mortem examinations on children from Northern Ireland will have to be carried out in Liverpool.
4 hours 36 min ago

A 12-year-old boy with Tourette's Syndrome finds animals stop his tics

Malachi Ralph from Cornwall says he feels calmer when he is around animals as his tics reduce.
16 hours 35 min ago

'I do my school work from my hospital bed'

Ashleigh tells us how she copes with kidney disease
8 hours 50 min ago

Rugby protective headgear 'cuts impact by almost half'

A new Dundee University study calls for mandatory protective headgear to prevent injuries in the sport.
4 hours 53 min ago